Solar Power

Solar Power

Solar power is attractive because it is abundant and offers a solution to fossil fuel emissions and global climate change. Worldwide, renewable energy has established itself as the technology of choice for new power generation capacity and India's recent status of lowest-cost producer of solar power further reflects an ongoing shift towards renewable power as the driver of global energy transformation. India is both densely populated and has high solar insolation, providing an ideal combination for solar power in India..

Contec has prepared Detailed Project Report for establishment of 6 solar park in the state of Andhra Pradesh for a cumulative capacity of 8800 MW. ConTec takes immense pride as a designer of Kurnool Ultra Mega Solar Park Project (1000 MW), which was the world largest Solar Park at the time of its commencement.

Our Capabilities include:

  •   Feasibility Studies
  •  Preliminary Design Works
  •  Detailed Project Report
  •  Design and Detailed Engineering
  •  Quantity Surveying
  •  Construction Methodology
  •  Contract Administration
  •  Tendering and Evaluation
  •  Environment Impact Assessment

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