Hydro Power

Hydro Power

Hydro Power is clean, green, sustainable and in the longer run is the cheapest source of power. The state of hydro power in India has not been encouraging due to all round development of this segment in the last 20 years. Beginning with the Hydro Development Policy of 1998, the government has undertaken a number of policy measures from time to time to promote hydro power development.

Contec started its journey with the design of irrigation structures and it takes immense pride in its association with several structures of national and regional importance in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Our Capabilities include:

  •   Feasibility Studies
  •  Preliminary Design Works
  •  Detailed Project Report
  •  Design and Detailed Engineering
  •  Quantity Surveying
  •  Construction Methodology
  •  Contract Administration

We effectively utilizes the existing knowledge to achieve engineering excellence and constantly upgrades our knowledge and technology.