• Errakaluva Aqueduct Under-Tadipudi Lift Irrigation, Tadipudi village, Tallapudi Mandal, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

    Tadipudi LIS

    Tadipudi lift irrigation scheme (TLIS) barrage envisages pumping of 39.54 cumecs of water from river Godavari with a static head of 28.85m through a pressure main for a length of 2.59 Km to drop into delivery cistern to irrigate an extent of 83,410 ha (2,06,600 acres) through gravity main canal distributory system and through four sub-lifts. The area proposed in project constitutes the heart of uplands area of west Godavari district covering 13 Mandals. Besides irrigation, the scheme provides water supply for drinking and allied purposes to enrooting villages.
    The tadipudi main canal runs 80 kilometers and the construction works have been divided into two phases. phase-I is from +40.00 contour from river Godavari and covers a distributory system to irrigate 58,848 Ha (1,38,000 acres) and phase-II is from +40.00 to +60.00 contour by 4 nos. sub-lifts and  covers a distributory system to irrigate 27,762 Ha (68,600 acres). 
  • Major Structures in Tudipudi Lift Irrigation Project

    The Thadipudi Lift Irrigation Scheme (TLIS) in West Godavari district is contemplated to change the parched and water-starved upland areas of the two districts into green havens. The TLIS, envisaging lifting of about 6.51 TMCft of water from the Godavari and would ensure assured irrigation water to 1.37 lakh acres in nine Mandals. The Tadipudi Main Canal is crossing the river Yerrakaluva at chainage Km 44.195. The main canal is around 80.45 km long. The work of designing the aqueduct and obtaining approval from Central Designs Organisation, Irrigation & Command Area Development, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh was carried out by ConTec for the EPC agency, M/s Maytas Infra Pvt. Ltd.
    The 280m long aqueduct (20m x 14 spans) is designed to pass a flood of 4375 Cumecs discharge under full submergence. As the aqueduct is to accommodate a single lane bridge for inspection track, a R.C.C box with two vents of size 3.5 M X 3.975 M is proposed with a single lane bridge of carriage way of 4.25M over the box.  
  • Cross Masonry & Cross Drainage works in Tudipudi Lift Irrigation Project

    ConTec has designed various cross masonry and cross drainage works under package OC 38 of TLIS for the EPC agency, M/s Maytas Infra Pvt. Ltd.

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