• Mid Manair Reservoir project, Manair river, Manwada village, Karimnagar district, Telangana state

    Mid Manair Reservoir project

    Mid Manair reservoir is proposed across Manair river, Manwada village, Karimnagar district. The reservoir project envisages construction of a Spillway, Non Over Flow (NOF) dam and Earth dam to impound 25.873 TMC of water at FRL of El. 318.000 m and a maximum design flood discharge of 14395 Cumecs (5.08 Lakh Cusecs).
    Design of the earth dam was taken up by ConTec for M/s JVS – Rathna - Sushee JV and approvals obtained from Central Designs Organisation, Irrigation & Command Area Development, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. The 34.20m high earth dam was designed as a homogeneous section with “SC” type of soils for earthquake Zone – II. 

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