• Soundings and Survey Works for Run -of-the-river Hydro Electric Project of proposed capacity 280 MW (7 x 40 MW) across river Godavari at Kanthanapally

    Survey & Sounding Works

    Carrying out Topographical Survey including taking cross sections of the river, grid survey on either banks of the river for locating entire power house scheme utilizing total station, GPS, Auto level etc. The cross sections of river to be taken from 4km to 6km downstream of the barrage at an interval of 100 mtr. to assess the stage discharge of the river and along the cross section interval to be kept at 10 mtr. Grid survey shall be carried out on either banks of the river with 10 m grid spacing for a distance of 6 km downstream and for a total width of 400 m (200 m towards river and 200 m outward ) from the point of maximum observed flood level.
    Preparing detailed report along with drawings including cross sections, river grid survey and contour maps and carrying out detailed discussions with officials for finalizing provisional layout of the project.

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