• Small Hydel Power Scheme, 2 x 1.40 MW on Eddu Vagu (3.6km from Kattamuru bridge). Near Granatala & Bayyaram Village, Krosur Mandal, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh State

    Eddu Vagu SHS

    The proposed mini hydel project is a run of the river project utilizing the flows in the Eddu Vagu Stream. The Eddu Vagu is one of the tributaries joining the Krishna River on the right bank near Bayyaram village in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. The stream receives flows due to rainfall in its own catchment and excess flows from Nagarjuna Sagar Right Bank Main Canal (NSRBMC) through the regenerated flow from the irrigated lands finding escape into this stream. The head is available mainly due to longitudinal bed gradient along the course of the stream. The proposed weir site is near Bayyaram village at 3.60 km downstream of Kattamuru Bridge and power house is proposed 100 mtr downstream of weir location. The designed discharge is 52.00 cumecs and gross head is 6.5 mtr. Two units of 1.4 MW are proposed for the set up.
    The developer is M/s Sindhu Power Systems Private Limited.

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