• Mini Hydro Electric Project, 2x0.70 MW on Nagavali River (4.5 Kms. downstream of Thotapalli Barrage). Near Pentlametta Village, Parvathipuram Mandal, Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh State

    The proposed hydro electric power project is a run of the river project. The proposed site is near Pentlametta Village, Parvathipuram Mandal in Vizianagaram District and it is situated at a distance of about 4.5 Kms. from Thotapalli barrage and is about 3.5 Kms upstream of the existing 1.725 Mw Sardar Power Project. The power house is proposed 500m downstream of the proposed weir on the left bank. An intake regulator is proposed in line with the weir with an approach channel leading to the power house. The tail race is proposed to be joined back into the river 850 m downstream of the proposed weir. Two nos. horizontal tubular turbines are proposed, each with design discharge of 19.50 cumecs and rated head of 4.20 mtr. The rated plant discharge is 39.00 cumecs with rated plant power output of 1.40 MW.
    The developer is M/s PVK Engineers Private Limited.

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