• Gonal Small Hydel Scheme III, 2 x 2.5 MW on Devapur nala, tributary to Krishna River. Near Gonal Village, Shorapur Taluka, Gulbarga District, Karnataka State

    Gonal SHS III

    This Small Hydel Scheme is a run-of-the river development and is proposed using the Gross head of 9.25m in the Devapur Nala. Devapur Nala is a major Nala joining the river Krishna and has its origin near Hunsagi in Shorapur taluk of Gulbarga district. The scheme utilizes seasonal monsoon discharges of the river mainly from southwest monsoon and regenerated flows from Narayanpur Left Bank Command Area, surplus discharges from Narayanpur reservoir & existence of springs in upper catchments of Devapur Nala.
    To make available a FRL of + 367.45 at the intake, a gated weir with five vents with pond level at +367.50 is provided. On upstream side afflux bunds are provided on either side with TBL at +369.50. A Regulator cum Single Lane Bridge with seven vents is proposed on right side of the weir to draw discharges into approach channel. The approach channel connects to power house via Intake pool into two units of power house on the right side of the stream to draw the required discharges. The powerhouse is located on the right side of the Devapur Nala. This powerhouse utilizes economically exploitable gross head of 9.25 m. The powerhouse is designed to provide with two units of 2500 KW rated capacity full vertical Kaplan turbines based on the discharge in the river.
    The developer is M/s South-West Hydro Power Private Limited.

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