• Standardisation of Godavari River Flood Banks, Andhra Pradesh

    Godavari River is a major waterway in central India. The upper waters of the Godavari are scarcely utilized for irrigation, but the entire delta has been turned into a garden of perennial crops by means of the anicut at Dowalaiswaram, constructed by Sir Arthur Cotton 145 years ago. The river enters the Andhra Pradesh near Bhadrachalam and flows touching the towns such as Godhavarikhani, Rajahmundry, Kovvur, Tallapudi and Narsapur in a southeast direction until it empties into the Bay of Bengal through two mouths. Whenever the discharge in river Godavari exceeds 28,320 Cumecs the water level in the river raises above the adjoining lands in the delta, affecting crop in 4.0 lakh hectares of rich cultivable land as also affecting the livelihood of 3.5 million people. Based on the experience of past floods, it was proposed to raise the flood banks by 2.00 m over the observed maximum flood level (OMFL) of 1986 flood and widen the banks to the standards for the length of 405.50 Kms.
  • Detailed Project Report for Standardisation of Godavari River Flood Banks, Andhra Pradesh

    Detailed Project Report (DPR) was prepared by ConTec on behalf of Irrigation and Command Area Development Department, Govt. of AP for standardization of Godavari flood banks in Warangal, Khammam, East & West Godavari districts by raising and widening of the existing flood banks including protection works and retrofitting of existing structures. The project costing Rs. 815 Crores was approved by Central Water Commission and the project was executed by I&CAD, Andhra Pradesh. This work was done for Godavari Head Works Division, Dowlaiswaram, Irrigation & Command Area Development Department (I&CAD), Andhra Pradesh.
  • Outfall Sluices in Godavari Flood Banks

    As flood banks got standardized, construction of outfall sluices at various locations was found necessary to drain out the rain water on the landside so as to prevent water logging.
    ConTec designed various out sluices under Package 74 for M/s Coastal Projects Private Limited which worked for M/s Manisha - INDU (JV).

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