• Srisailam Tailpond Dam, Right Side NOF, Krishna River (downstream of Srisailam dam), Telangana

    Srisailam Tailpond Dam

    Erstwhile APGENCO has taken up construction of weir across river Krishna about 14kms downstream of the existing Srisailam dam for storing the released water during the power generation mode.
    With the completion of tail pond, surplus electricity from the electricity grid would be used for pumping the water back to Srisailam reservoir and recycled for meeting peaking load on daily basis. During this time, the scheme works in pumping mode or special pump mode. The generators are designed to operate as an electric motor which rotates the turbines in reverse, and pumps water back into upper reservoir.
    Thus surplus electricity is utilised to fill the reservoir, which can be used to meet the peak electricity requirements.
    ConTec was appointed as consultant for design and drawings in respect of right side abutment for protection of Srisailam Tailpond weir by Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation (APGENCO).

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