• Sangam Barrage, Pennar river, Sangam Mandal, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh

    Sangam Barrage Project

    1.       Sangam Barrage, Pennar river, Sangam Mandal, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh
     The Pennar River has its origin in the Chennakesava hills, North West of  Nandi hills in Karanataka  state and it is known as ‘Uttara Pinakini’. It enters into Andhra Pradesh in Anantapur District and then into Nellore District through a narrow gorge in the Velikonda range of hills.
    Two anicuts were constructed in Nellore District on River Pennar : 1. Sangam Anicut and 2. Nellore Anicut.
    Sangam Anicut
    As severe famines occurred in the coastal Districts, the East India Company constructed delta Irrigation works across River Godavari, Krishna and Pennar in the middle of 19th century.  Construction of Sangam Anicut was sanctioned in 1881. The work was commenced during 1882 and completed by 1886. It was named after the village ‘Sangam’,  where the head works were constructed. In the year 1937, two-feet  falling shutters were fitted  over the anicut with a view to draw increased supply to Kanigiri Reservoir and to extend 10,000 Acres of first crop and 1,000 Ac of second crop under this delta. The crest level of the anicut is +33.595 mtr and top of falling shutters is +34.205 mtr. The length of anicut is 1242.37 mtr.
    Nellore Anicut
    This is the last anicut across River Pennar.  Captain D.C. Dutt selected the present site. The construction of the anicut was commenced in 1853.  Sir Arthur Cotton inspected the anicut and proposed the one similar to the Krishna Anicut. The anicut was completed as per the proposal of Sir Arthur Cotton in 1859. The length  of the anicut was increased from  481.889 mtr to 621.79 mtr. In 1919, the crest level was raised from 12.716 mtr to 13.021 mtr, which is by 0.305 m and top surface paved with 4 rows of cut granite wheel tracks to take the increasing traffic between both the banks of the River. Subsequently, in order to extend the irrigation facilities, the crest of the anicut was further raised to +13.109 M and 2 ft falling shutters were installed in 1941.
    The Sangam Anicut, the Nellore Anicut along with the network of canals is called  Pennar River Canal System. In addition to the main reservoirs, there are 64 Nos. of tanks in Delta area through which water is stored intermittently and supplied to the ayacut. With the completion  of Somasila Project, the Delta will be  getting adequate supplies to the entire ayacut, except during the failures of Monsoons.
    As the Sangam Anicut has become more than 100 years old, a new barrage downstream of existing barrage is under construction. The new barrage is 500 m downstream of the exiting Sangam Anicut. The project is situated at a distance of about 33Kms. from Nellore and is accessible from the left bank via SH 57.
    ConTec vetted and re-evaluated the technical parameters of the project for M/s Harvins Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

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