• Realignment of Bokkalavagu Diversion channel for Expansion of Opencast area, Singareni Collieries, Kothagudem, Khammam District, Telangana

    Singareni Collieries Company Limited contemplated acquiring additional area and expansion of Ramagundam Opencast area. Bokkala vagu conveying the surplus discharges of Gundaram, Begampet tanks and its self catchment into Godavari River flows through the Ramagundam Opencast area, raising serious flood threats and safety concerns to the miners. Hence, it was proposed to divert the Bokkalavagu outside the proposed Opencast area without affecting the lower riparian rights, SRSP canal network and the configuration of Bokkalavagu.
    ConTec’s objective is to formulate the most suitable project proposal and put forward a Feasibility Report encompassing all the issues to enable smooth implementation of the diversion project.
    The objective of the Feasibility Report was broadly classified into five parts.
    A.              Hydrology & Survey of Bokkalavagu
    Catchment area study and assessment of the flow discharge through Bokkalavagu. Discharge computation based on the available rain gauge readings in the catchment, cross-sectional survey of Bokkalavagu and surplus channel of Begampet tank and preparation of Tail Water Rating Curve for varying discharges in Bokkalavagu.
    B.              Survey, Geotechnical Investigation & Design of Diversion Channel
    Survey and identification of alternate alignments for diversion canal, finalization of most suitable alignment along with locations of Cross Masonry (CM) & Cross Drainage (CD) works, transfer of final alignment on ground, geotechnical investigation by Electro Resistivity Method, design of diversion channel (preparation of Hydraulic Particulars) and preparation of detailed Cost Estimate and Land Plan schedules in accordance with the requirements of revenue department.
    C.              Toe Protection for Excavated Spoil Dump
    Drawings for protection of Toe for excavated spoil dump to avoid slip and damage to the proposed Bokkalavagu diversion channel.
    D.             Survey, Geotechnical Investigation & Design of CM & CD Works
    Carrying out topographical survey, geotechnical investigations by Electro Resistivity Method, specification design, drawings and detailed estimate of Cross Masonry & Cross Drainage works along the proposed Bokkalavagu Diversion Channel.
    E.              Preparation of Feasibility Report
    The Feasibility Report shall be prepared providing the best and most suitable alignment of the Bokkalavagu diversion channel after studying all possible alignments. The Feasibility report shall be prepared in line with the guidelines laid down by Irrigation & Command Area Development Department of Andhra Pradesh.

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