• Nilwai Project, Adilabad District

    Nilwai Project

    A medium irrigation project across Peddavagu a tributary of Godavari river in G-9 sub basin is proposed near Neelwai village, situated at 69.000 Km from Mancherial town in Adilabad district.
     The Project aims at a total gross utilization of 1.855 TMC of water to irrigate an ayacut of 13000 Ac. wet and irrigated dry crops in Khariff season. The project comprises construction of earth bund, free over fall dam, head regulator, right main canal (lined) with cross masonry and cross drainage works, left main canal (lined) with cross masonry and cross drainage works, distributaries system with field channels.
    The main canals run for a length of 15 Km and proposed on left & right flanks. The scheme envisages construction of HC weir on left flank of gorge for 340 M from Ch 38 to 55. The maximum height of the earth bund is 13.60 m in gorge portion of Peddavagu River. The project is proposed to be completed within 3 years from the year of commencement. The completion of the project will result is net increased agricultural production of Rs. 2015.73 Lakhs per year. The scheme is economically viable and benefits, the people of backward areas in Adilabad District and will help in promoting the general prosperity of the region.
    ConTec has designed various cross masonry and cross drainage works for left and right flank canal for M/s M.V.R.-Soham JV 

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