• Modernisation of Tungabhadra project High Level Main Canal, Tungabhadra River, Tungabhadra Project, Hospet city, Karnataka

    Mid Pennar Reservoir Project (MPR) was constructed across river Pennar during 1964 to serve an ayacut of 1,33,825 Acres under left and right canals. MP South Canal was designed for 37.90 cumecs (1,338 cusecs) and runs for a length of 96.70 km. MP South Canal in addition to serving the above ayacut, has also to transport waters allocated under T.B.P.H.L.C. system. Water to be transported is : MP South canal direct ayacut : 4.32 TMC, Tadiparti Branch canal : 3.72 TMC, Mylavaram Reservoir assistance : 4.00 TMC & Pulivendula branch canal : 4.40 TMC, Totaling to 16.42 TMC.
    Assistance to Mylavaram Reservoir is being fed by letting waters into Pennar river through an escape at Km. 2.40 of MP South Canal. The water has to travel for 150.00 kms through the river, before reaching Myalavaram Reservoir and the realization is only about 30%. Tumpera Deep Cut channel (length of the channel is about 12.34 kms) takes off at Km. 72.488 of MP South canal to carry 15.57 cumecs (550 cusecs) to feed chitravati balancing reservoir to serve ayacut under Pulivendula branch canal. It is now proposed to modernize MP South Canal up to Km. 72.488 (Offtake of Tumpera Deep Cut) to transfer 26.91 cumecs (950 cusecs) into Tumpera deep cut canal system to assist the Mylavaram and Chitravati  Balancing Reservoirs through MP South Canal to utilize water allocations of T.B.P.H.L..C. system.
    Under the modernization of MP South Canal, Tumpera Deep Cut canal system has to carry an enhanced discharge of 26.91 cumecs (950 cusecs) from the present capacity of 15.57 cumecs (550 cusecs). This proposal will ensure transfer 4.00 TMC of water under assistance to Mylavaram reservoir project though MP South Canal in a period of 105 days as against the crop period of 120 days.
    The enhanced discharges through MP South canal are detailed here : Present carrying capacity : 37.90 cumecs, Assistance to Mylavaram Reservoir : 12.46 cumecs, Transmission losses : 1.32 cumecs, totaling to 51.68 cumecs.
    ConTec has designed hydraulic particulars from Km 0.00 to Km 40.00 under package No. 43 and some of the cross masonry and cross drainage works for the package for M/s M. Venkateswara Rao for the EPC group, M/s ECI - BJCL (JV).

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