• Dr. Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Station (Dr. NTTPS), Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh

    NT Thermal Power Station

    Dr Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Plant is also known Vijayawada Thermal Power Plant. It was developed under four stages. During the year 1979-80 under stage one, 420 MW (2 units of 210 MW) installation was achieved, and it was doubled by installation of another two units each of 210 MW in the year 1989-90. During stage three in the year 1994-95 its installed capacity was increased to 1260 MW by adding further two nos. of units each of 210 MW capacity. During stage four, a unit of 500 MW capacity was added to bring plants capacity to 1760 MW. The station stood first in country during five different years by achieving the highest plant load factor. The station has received many prestigious awards from various organizations. The station has received meritorious productivity awards for twenty consecutive years and Incentive award for eight consecutive year.
  • Budameru Diversion Channel, Dr. NTTPS Thermal Power Station, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh

    Budameru Diversion Channel

    Irrigation & Command Area Development (I&CAD) department has proposed to divert 80 TMC of Godavari waters into River Krishna through Indirasagar Right Main Canal (ISRMC). It is proposed to drop ISRMC into Budameru on the upstream of the existing Velagaleru regulator and then convey the discharge through Budameru Diversion Channel upto upstream of Prakasam Barrage. It is proposed to enhance the discharge carrying capacity of Budameru Diversion Channel from the existing capacity (Km. 0.0 to Km. 8.3 is 424.749 Cumecs and from Km. 8.3 to Km. 9.7 is 467.224 Cumecs to 1064 Cumecs) by lining and deepening the existing channel section.
    ConTec completed the job of studying the safety and stability of existing structures and preparation of detailed drawings for strengthening of various structures across Budameru Diversion Channel at Dr. NT Thermal Power Station consequent to the deepening of Budameru Diversion Channel to augment the discharge through the channel. The work was carried out for Dr. Narla Tatarao Thermal Power Station, Ibrahimpatnam, and APGENCO.
  • Stage III Ash pond dyke II, Dr. NTTPS Thermal Power Station, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh

    Stage III Ash Pond Dyke II

    Vijayawada Thermal Power Station (VTPS) was commissioned in the Year 1979-1980. The earth bunds of ash pond were constructed along with the project. In one of the earth bund of ash pond, seepage and slips were observed between rock toe and berms & at bund at different locations. The ConTec suggested on providing of loading berm to strengthen the bund and it was implemented. The scope of ConTec included design, engineering and preparation of construction drawings for the strengthening of bund. The work was carried out for Dr. Narla Tatarao Thermal Power Station, Ibrahimpatnam, and APGENCO.

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