• Lower Sileru Forebay Reservoir Small Hydel Scheme, 3 x 1.334 MW

    Model Testing & Simlation LS SHP

    M/s Krishnapriya Power Pvt. Ltd. has entered into a Finance Build Operate and Transfer (FBOT) agreement with Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Ltd. (APGENCO) for setting up of 4 Mw mini hydel power project at the confluence point of power canal joining into Forebay Reservoir of Lower Sileru Hydro Electric Scheme, at 9/4 of Power Canal, Near Mothugudem Village, Chintoor Mandal, Andhra Pradesh.
    As a prerequisite, the developers had to arrange for a three dimensional model test of the scheme to ascertain the functional capability of the diversion channel and surplus weir to absorb and dispose-off the sudden diverted water from the power canal and study the impact of the back water effect and afflux generated due to the surplus weir on the power canal.
    M/s ConTec Design & Engineering Solutions Private Limited was appointed for arranging model testing of the scheme. The 3-D model studies in concurrence with APGENCO was conducted at Andhra Pradesh Engineering Research Laboratories (APERL), Hyderabad.

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