• Geological Investigations for Run -of-the-river Hydro Electric Project of proposed capacity 280 MW (7 x 40 MW) across River Godavari at Kanthanapally

    Geological Investigations Works

    Geological investigations involving drilling bore holes to maximum depth of 40m with 10 (ten) nos. bore holes in power house area and minimum of another five bore holes in tail race channel alignment for sub-surface explorations with tungsten carbine bits through hard rock and boulders including collection of core samples, preserving and conducting required field and lab tests etc. complete. After completion of the Geological Investigations detailed report containing lithology and results of various tests conducted and remarks and recommendations of the qualified geologist shall be submitted. The consultants shall attend the APGENCO office at Vidyut Soudha for detailed discussions and to finalise the layout of the project.

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