• Bheema Lift Irrigation Project, Mahabubnagar District, Telangana

    Bheema Lift Irrigation Project

    The Bheema lift irrigation project or Rajiv Bheema Project is a lift irrigation canal project located in Mahbubnagar district in TelanganaIndia. Water is lifted at Panchdev Pahad from the back waters of Jurala Dam. Under the same project, another lift canal originates separately from the Ramanpahad (Ookachettivagu) balancing reservoir (16°22′04″ N 77°52′20″ E ) under Jurala left bank to irrigate the uplands.
    The Bheema Lift irrigation project would irrigate over 203,000 acres (820 km2), would benefit 180 villages that fall in Makthal, Atmakur, Wanaparthy, and Kollapur Taluks of Mahabubnagar District utilizing 20 TMC (20 billion cubic feet (570 MCM) of water.
    The lifts are proposed at two points.
    Lift I is from the Krishna river from the point near Panchadevpad village in Atmakur taluk to irrigate an extent of 111,000 acres (45,000 ha). Lift II is from existing Ookachettivagu Project pondage near Ramanpad village in Wanaparthy Taluk to irrigate an extent of 92,000 acres (37,000 ha).
  • Budpur Balancing reservoir works

    Budpur Balancing Reservoir

    Bheema Lift Irrigation Project – Lift I envisages lifting of water from foreshore of Jurala project across Krishna River near Pancha Devalapadu in Atmakur Mandal to irrigate 2.30 Lack acres of parched lands in chronically drought affected upland areas of Mahbubnagar district. Budpur balancing reservoir with a capacity of 1.321 Tmcft is an offline reservoir enroute to Sangambanda reservoir with an infall regulator at Km 11.57 of the canal to irrigate 46,800 acres during Kharif under left and right canals in Makhtal and Atmakur Mandals. The total length of the earth dam is 6160 M with 99 M long weir.
    Under package 20 of the above works, ConTec has designed surplus weir, head sluices and specification & preliminary drawings for various appurtenant works for M/s KNR - SLEC JV. 
  • Sankara Samudram Reservoir works, Kottakota Mandal, Mahabubnagar district

    Sankara Samudram Project

    The Sankara Samudram tank is located near Kanayapalli village, Kottakota mandal, Mahaboobnagar district in Andhra Pradesh. Sankara Samudram Balancing Reservoir which is a part of Rajiv Lift Irrigation Scheme (Bhima Lift-II) envisages to convert the existing Shankara Samudram Tank as balancing reservoir by strengthening and raising the existing bund more than 100 year old and forming new bund on both flanks to revised FRL of +358.190m  and constructing a new spillway, and head regulators on left and right side to feed the new  and existing ayacut totaling about  57,000 acres of ayacut.
    Under package 18 (lift II) of Bhima lift irrigation project ConTec has designed Spillway for M/s Sri Avantika & Sai Venkata (JV). 

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