• Nandikere Small Hydel Scheme, 5 x4.90 MW on left bank of Cauvery River. Near Dhanagur village, Malavalli Taluk, Mandya District (about 40 Km from Malavalli town), Karnataka State

    The proposed Nandikere Small Hydro Project (NSHP) is proposed on the left bank of Cauvery river near Dhanagur village, Malavalli Taluk, Mandya District.
    The scheme envisages construction of a Power House with an installed capacity of 24.50 MW. The main components of NSHP are :
    ·         Diversion Weir across River Cauvery
    ·         Intake including Penstocks
    ·         Power House to house 5 generating units of 4.9 MW each
    ·         Tailrace pool and open tail channel
    ·         An outdoor yard (ODY)
    ·         Transmission lines and Substation
    Kaveri river flows for a length of 320 km in the State. The river flows through the states Karnataka and Tamilnadu in the southeastern direction to its entrance into the Bay of Bengal near Cuddalore, Tamilnadu. Water is drawn from Cauvery river at Shiva Anicut for power generation at Shiva Power House and Shimsha Power House and also for drinking water supply to Bangalore. Out of this water drawn from Shiva Anicut about 26 cumecs is fed into Netkal Feeder for power draft at Shimsha Power House (9 cumecs) and for Bangalore water supply (17 cumecs) and about 15% increase is estimated for future demand of Bangalore water supply. The balance quantity of the water is led back into river Cauvery after power generation.
    The FRL of diversion structure is fixed at + 413.80 m. The level is fixed based on the tail water level of the existing / proposed Small Hydel Scheme on the upstream side of Nandekere Small Hydel Project and head water level of the proposed Chikka Small Hydel Scheme on the downstream side. The tail water level in the short tailrace channel downstream of the power house while passing the design discharge through the units will be about + 403.50 m. Therefore, the gross head available for power generation would be 10.30 m. The loss of head through penstock, bends, trash rack, intake, gates, draft tube etc., is estimated to be about 0.50 m. Thus, the net head for power generation works out to about 9.80 m.
    The developer is M/s XS Hydro Energy Private Limited.

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